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Be in the thick of things with our premium search engine optimization services. Our SEO expert can measure the volume of your business through the website traffic. Target the right audience for your business and promote content to the top in Google. Invest in SEO with us to gain more traffic flow to your website.

It’s Time to Dominate Page 1 of Google

Our Dubai SEO Consultant will take you to the top of the pile (Google) and keep you there. Our SEO marketing strategies are tailor made to adapt to your business needs and always keep you in the spotlight.

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Phase 1: SEO Audit

Our SEO Marketing strategy has always been simple, and yet right to the point. Understanding our client's and their competitors business and refine the words according to the SEO plan.

Here at Pentagon we undertake a detailed site audit of your website, and find out ways we can improve upon or refine to help build you on your online visibility.

In regards to the Competition, we can help you reclaim your position. Our SEO experts can find what's lacking on your website and make it right and give you the edge among your competitors.

After doing a detailed site audit on your current website, we find out the strategy points in how we can optimize your website more SEO friendly in the eyes of Google. By working on the backend of your website, we can implement the meta tags, header tags, and so on to ensure that your website is easily crawl-able and indexed without any errors.

This covers any fixing of technical issues or bugs.
Any previously built site that is not regularly updated may tend to have errors. Our job as SEO consultant Dubai is to rectify them. As by not doing so, Google Search Engines will not identify these sites due to its constant algorithm updates.

Content Publishing

The content should speak for itself, the quality of information about your business online show Google that you're more credible than your competitors and hence making way to the top ranks.


Investing your time in a blog has many advantages, it not only helps your client and other potential prospects to stay informed about your business and latest updates about the industry but also has significant relevance for your SEO targeting by adding articles relevant to the keywords. We write monthly blogs that can be published on your website which will help Google understand that you update your website often and thereby increase your ranking.

Articles & Press Releases

The number of blogs on your website doesn’t guarantee you a place in Page 1; we write, submit & publish articles (at least 4-6 articles per month) to 3rd party websites that are in the same industry as yourself / credible news websites. All these if published on their sites makes Google understand that other people are talking about you and hence the increase in ranking.


Our well detailed and simple reports portray that exactly what you as a client needs to know. Pentagon SEO Experts Dubai like to keep it as transparent as possible, sharing all our work, and published work whilst comparing your current situation and accordingly make plans for online growth with a road map of where you want to go and the time needed to reach their successfully.

Google Analytics

This is a vital platform that needs to be used to track the growth as a business to view the visitors to your website.Google Analytics is your tracking platform of all the actions and responses you wish to see on what happens at the backend of your website. This is the best way to find out how your customers are interacting with your site and how successful is your campaign.. Every one of these elements make it simpler to track the importance of Search Engine Optimisation by observing the on-going growth in website traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

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